The TellDunkin survey procedure entails a simple step-by-step process to provide Dunkin’ Donuts valuable feedback regarding your last store visit experience. By spending a few minutes to rate your satisfaction levels and giving actionable suggestions, you get a validation code to redeem a free Classic donut.

Enter the Survey
Give Feedback

Dunkin’ Donuts displays the survey invitation on purchase receipts to encourage participation. The TellDunkin portal offers the survey in both English and Spanish languages. Customers must follow the survey instructions carefully and submit only genuine experiences.

The survey procedure enables Dunkin’ to identify crucial pain points in its restaurants. Your feedback is analyzed to boost operational efficiency, enhance food/service quality and exceed customer expectations time and again.

What Are The TellDunkin Requirements?

To participate in the TellDunkin survey at, you must satisfy the following requirements:

TellDunkin Logo
  • Must have made a purchase within last 7 days at a Dunkin’ store
  • Must have the purchase receipt containing complete transaction details
  • Must be able to read and comprehend simple English or Spanish
  • Must be 18 years or above in age to provide feedback
  • Must have access to a functioning computer system or mobile phone with internet to take the survey

Additionally, employees of Dunkin’ outlets and their immediate family members are restricted from taking the survey. Each receipt code is eligible just once within 5 days.

Enter TellDunkin Survey

Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete the TellDunkin survey:

Telldunkin Survey
  1. Make a Purchase: During your latest visit to the nearest Dunkin’ restaurant, ensure you retain the purchase receipt provided.
  2. Visit Survey Website: Go online and access the TellDunkin portal using the URL
  3. Choose Language: Select your preferred language – English or Spanish to proceed further.
  4. Enter Dunkin’ Details: Carefully type in the 26-digit invite code printed on your Dunkin’ purchase receipt.
  5. Answer Survey Questions: Start answering the multiple choice survey questions based on your last Dunkin’ experience.
  6. Rate Customer Satisfaction: Use the scales from 1 to 10 to rate overall satisfaction and specific aspects like staff friendliness, order accuracy, store cleanliness etc.
  7. Give Recommendations: Suggest ways Dunkin’ can improve products, services or in-store processes.
  8. Submit Personal Information: Provide your contact information accurately to receive the validation code.
  9. Note Down Reward Code: Note the 4-digit survey code to redeem your free Classic donut offer.

Thus, following these 9 steps correctly completes the TellDunkin survey procedure, making you eligible for the promotional offer.

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