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You need to perform some steps to be a participant of TellDunkin Survey and claim some lucrative rewards. Just click any one of the button below.

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Survey Steps of TellDunkin

You need not follow a long list of the steps to be a part of this survey. At the end of the survey, you have an opportunity to win $250 Dunkins’ Donut gift card. Just have a look at the steps explained below:

  1. Enter the official website.
  2. Select your desired language from either English or Spanish.TellDunkin Official Survey
  3. Input the TellDunkin store number. You will find the store number on the topmost side of your purchase receipt.TellDunkin Survey Receipt
  4. Tap “Start”.
  5. A questionnaire will be displayed on your screen. Answer those questions honestly.
  6. On completion of the survey, you will receive a validation code.
  7. Note down that code in the space provided on your purchase receipt, and validate it on your next visit to Dunkin’ Donuts.

10 thoughts on “Official Dunkin’ Donuts Survey on

  1. Hi! I tried to use my Dunkin Coupon and the place tried to put it threw and it wouldn’t go through. The number on the bottom is: 99719214086269638506. Any idea what went wrong?
    Thank you,
    C.P. Maloney

  2. Just went to Dunkin’ Donuts in Oswego il on Orchard. I ordered 6 donuts and they were thrown in a bag and the chocolate long John was upside down so naturally the chocolate was stuck to sack. I wasn’t given a receipt so couldn’t do the survey. I tried to call store to complain and they didn’t answer phone Welike your food but just can’t tolerate sloppiness

  3. I stopped at the DD in Arundel Mills in Hanover, Md. on my way home from Arlington National Cemetery. I had a peach ice teach, delicious, 2 egg & cheese wraps, a hash brown & a Boston cream donut. I started my way back to PA. The donut was completely stale. It was too much trouble to go back & exchange it since I was back on 95. The outside was hard. I have no idea how long it was in the store.
    My survey # is 88908-52491-1308-0201. I entered it 3 times in the survey & it repeatedly said it was invalid.
    I am a very loyal DD customer & was very disappointed in this visit. I hadn’t eaten all day & stopped for “breakfast” at 4pm. I am sitting here drinking my free iced coffee.

  4. I took the survey and did not get a code for a donut. This is not the first time this has happened. What is the problem?

  5. Being a frequent Dunkin Costumer I have hesitated to voice my concerns about the recent changes to your hot coffee cups. But unfortunately today’s experience just made me send this response.

    Ever since the change of your cups, numerous times the lid’s have popped up once I started to handle the cup, causing hot coffee to spill out, sometimes on my hand or even in my car. I’m at the point that once I get the coffee from the server, I take the time to ensure the lid is on tight. But even doing this, still at times the lip pops up and drips occur. It seems mainly the cause is once handling the cup. This even occurs to my wife, just Sunday, the lid popped up causing her to spill half of the coffee. The store was kind enough to refill it for her. Again today, the lid popped up on me, so to me there seems to be something wrong with them. I find it hard to believe others haven’t complained about thit s.

    Also, I noticed the cups seem to have a pretty large base to the cup, which might appear we are actually getting less coffee in these cups. and finally, I realize the reason for the change was environmental of which I approve of but unfortunately the coffee doesn’t stay hot half as long as before.

    Main concern here is the lid’s not attaching good enough when handling.

    Rick Gross

  6. 2 weeks in arow never got my FREE Donut, And this was from 2 different Stores!!! Find that hard to believe, Are workers Told to forget them in hopes the the customer will not complain?? I felt funny saying “hey, where is my FREE Donut” so i just drove away. I told my workers and they said go back, But I said I will just use it as a learning lesson.
    Just sad the Workers are told to leave out the FREE donut,

    ACCT# 1001 2139 0601 2211

  7. I had a great experience at Dunkin today at 1st. The manager was on her a game today very respectful. The other employees are all about the customers. I will be back here more often.

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