TellDunkin Survey Questions

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TellDunkin is an official website of Dunkin’ Donuts where a customer can place his feedback and opinions. Also, he can claim some exciting rewards from there. Now, you must be thinking what kind of questions do Dunkin’ Donuts ask in the survey.

TellDunkin Survey Questions

Have a look at the list below to have a fair idea about the survey questions:

  1. How was the taste of your drink or the beverage?
  2. Did our services consume your lot of time?
  3. How was the taste and freshness of your food?
  4. Do we possess all the products that our customers desire from us?
  5. Was our team friendly with you?
  6. Were there enough varieties for you to get confused in our store?

So these are some basic questions that Dunkins’ Donut place on their feedback form. Also, they expect from you to answer them honestly, as it is an honest attempt from their side to improve their services. 

The only purpose of launching TellDunkin is to take regular feedback from customers and keep improving. This makes them improve their services and strengthens their relations with the customers.